Cadmus/Somnus, Semele (Opera Collective Ireland)

“It is, of all things, the representation of Somnus, god of sleep, by bass Edward Hawkins, that brings the evening to a higher level. His singing is lucidly sonorous, gravely Handelian but with a sharp comic twist, and every word is clear. Aside from the vocal gymnastics, it is this production’s great showstopping moment.”

The Irish Times

“But the comic turn of the evening (allied to a truly magnificent musical presence) comes from bass Edward Hawkins as the drooping, sleepy Somnus. I just wished he had a teddy bear to complete the picture.”

Irish Independent

General Polkan, The Golden Cockerel (English Touring Opera)

“Edward Hawkins carries the part of the crusty old General Polkan with well-honed comic and musical deportment.”

Classical Source

“Bass Edward Hawkins created a fine impression as General Polkan, yet another imbecilic army officer who was more impressed with his uniform and playing with his cannon than engaging with the reality.”

Opera Wire

“One of the most amusing, almost pantomime, characters was the General Polkan of Edward Hawkins. He absolutely embraced every facet of his character, held within a fine bass voice. A name to watch…”

Seen and Heard International

Achilla, Giulio Cesare (English Touring Opera)

“Edward Hawkins’ towering Achilla was another standout, making the most of the character’s brief arias”


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